October 20th, 2010


Волшебные коллажи Maggie Taylor. Digital collages Maggie Taylor

Maggie Taylor родилась в Cleveland, Ohio. Закончила философский факультет Йельского университета. А затем училась фотографии в Университете Флориды. Она использует старую камеру 4х5, фотографируя отдельные фрагменты своих будущих цифровых коллажей.
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Maggie Taylor was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at Yale University.Using 19th Century tin-types, photographs, and images, Maggie Taylor scanned them on a flatbed scanner. She then combines them with some other images that she photographed, acquired, or other objects that she scanned. These images are then composed, combined, and colorized by using Adobe Photoshop program. In a typical image composed by Taylor, there can be as many as 40-60+ layers.

коллажи Maggie Taylor

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