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вазелин норка

weird anatomy, various (france, japan)

Venus anatomique, consists of 40 parts.19th century, Musée de la Faculté des Sciences de Montpellier

Model of a pregnant woman by Jules Talrich Paris, undated (late 19th century)

Ivory anatomique model, from Henry Wellcome collection

Operation cesarienne, Voir - La Collection Spitzner, eds. Phillipe Blon and Stephen Bann, 1998

Extraction of the placenta: Plaster relief from a series illustrating the stages of childbirth, Undated (c.1900) Collection Family Coolen, Antwerp/Museum Dr Guislain, Ghent, Belgium

Pregnancy guide (woodprint) - Hamano Teisuke, 1880

Illustrated guide to parental obligations (woodprint)- Utagawa Yoshitora, 1880

Pregnant women playing in summer heat (5 heads, 10 bodies) (woodprint) - Utagawa Kunitoshi, 1881
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