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Joel-Peter Witkin

Witkin claims that his vision and sensibility were initiated by an episode he witnessed when he was just a small child, a car accident that occurred in front of his house in which a little girl was decapitated:

-- It happened on a Sunday when my mother was escorting my twin brother and me down the steps of the tenement where we lived. We were going to church. While walking down the hallway to the entrance of the building, we heard an incredible crash mixed with screaming and cries for help. The accident involved three cars, all with families in them. Somehow, in the confusion, I was no longer holding my mother's hand. At the place where I stood at the curb, I could see something rolling from one of the overturned cars. It stopped at the curb where I stood. It was the head of a little girl. I bent down to touch the face, to speak to it -- but before I could touch it someone carried me away

Apollonia and Dominatrix Creating Pain in the Heart of the West. 1988

Amour. 1987

Journies of the Mask Helena Fourment. 1984

Journies of the Mask The Phrenologist. 1983

Madame X. 1981

Mother of the Future. 2004

Poussin in Hell. 1999

Sanatorium. 1983

The Gods of Earth and Heaven. 1988

The Graces. 1988

The Lover of War. 1987

Life as an invention.

Woman Masturbating on the Moon. 1981

Brainstorm. 1980

A Day in the Country. 1998

Ars Moriendi. 2007

Birth Of Venus. 1982

Blind Woman with Her Blind Son Nogales. 1989

Carrotcake. 1980

Countessa de Monblanc. 2006

Daphne and Apollo. 1990

Edipus and Jocasta. 2007

Eunuch. 1983

Humor and Fear. 1999

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