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Rose Adler's Maddalou binding, 1931

Pierre Louÿs. Maddalou. Illustrated by Edouard Degaine. Paris: Les Editions Briant-Robert, 1927. 48 pages. Printed on vélin d'Arches. Design: Rose Adler, 1931.

For the binding for Louÿs Maddalou, Adler tackled emptiness and plenitude, implicating the title in the piece's excess and offering homages here to Legrain and there to Doucet, who had both died in 1929. This binding proclaims a new style as much as it closes the door on an adventure.

excerpt from: Art Deco Bookbindings: The Work of Pierre Legrain and Rose Adler, Yves Peyré & H. George Fletcher
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