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adski_kafeteri's Journal

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all things amazing
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rare and unusual photograhy and visual arts
welcome. this community is not restricted to any specific era
all rare, interesting, wonderfully strange images are allowed - old and new

posting access is not automatic and given to select individuals by mods

as far as content – almost anything goes, except illegal and intentionally disturbing materials.

nudity and adult themes are welcome
art nudes: nude photos and paintings of famous masters are acceptable without lj-cut

absolutely NO photoshop

sizable multiple pictures, please, put under cut
with one and not more than two at the top

official language of this community is English
all posts titled and signed otherwise will be deleted

DO NOT repost images from this community, without linking to this community
DO NOT repost pictures from other LJ communities in this community

maintainers reserve right to remove inappropriate and mediocre materials (such as commercial trash and overexposed images) without notice

abоve all standards, all rights resеrved ©, all-nude-all-the-time, appendix scar, as-is, as-it- will-never-be, boutique-gourmet, build fabulous, bеautiful trаsh, bеst of, coffre de trésor, controversial controversy, cream-dе-la-cream, diamond pinkie ring, diva non grata, eatwhatyouwant-whenyouwantit, excellence control, flamboyant grace, gastronome-extraordinaire, last аct, loving peace, lovе lounge, lоng ago, lоtus_feet, oh! the humanity!!, once а day, par excellence, picture-picture on the wall, pro bоno publico, professional hobbyist, ricco-suave, sacred and prоfane, sculls and nipples, see it here first, she dazzles, shit n'stuff, smоking section, surprise-surprise!, sеnsen, well donе, whitе magiс, оpen all night


история, образование, общество, происшествия, религия, знаменитости, искусство, кино, литература, музыка, 18+, напитки

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